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Does the photobooth include an assistant?
Yes. A professional assistant will be present during the entire shooting period to help your guests operate the booth. We make your guest book up and get signatures and messages if it is part of your package, and generally help your guests enjoy their experience.

Are prints included with your rental rates?
Yes. Each photobooth session takes four pictures which are then printed, moments later, onto a single collage print for your guests to take away. It is easy for 200 guests to go through the Photobooth in three hours without rushing. Be wary of companies using that word unlimited in their literature... In the end people rarely go into the booth on their own and by experience we know that 200 sessions are easily achievable in three hours. It takes a minute or two for people to go into the booth, position themselves and take the shots. Our digital system is so fast that the first print drops into the printer tray by the time the subjects have left the booth. A second print, if you have the book that we offer as an option, drops into the printer tray 11 seconds later.

Is the Photobooth book that you offer, completed on the night?
Yes. We have the book with your names etc made prior to your event. With the Photobooth Guest Book option a second set of prints are made at the same time as your guests go through the Photobooth. Your guests take the first print away with them and the second print is fixed into your album with a special gluing machine. We then invite your guests to write a message onto the page alongside their images before they return to the dancing. We will present the completed book to you at the end of the evening. Please note we can make your book covers in most colours. The examples of the covers on the book page are there to give you an idea of what we can make.

Can we choose color or black and white prints?
Yes. Black and white or colour.

What size prints does the Photobooth make?
The size of prints with the basic package are 6" x 4"s but we can now offer 8" x 6"s that are double the size.

Is it possible to offer classic photostrips the way that the original photobooths did?
In response to client requests for the old style photostrips, we are now able to offer them. Because they are printed as two identical strips simultaneously, we can only offer them if you have the Guestbook as part of your package.

What are the dimensions of your photobooths?
Our 'normal' sized Photobooth measures approximately 7' tall by 7' wide by 3' 6" deep.
Our larger Photobooth measures approximately 7' tall by 7' wide by 5' deep which can accommodate more guests at the same time. When coordinating an area for the booth, keep in mind that we need space for a small table to hold our printer. The printer can go either side of the booth and if tight for space, the printer can be integrated into the end of the Photobooth. Our Photobooth is not a solid structure and prior to assembly will fit through any doorway. We haven't found a venue yet where the Photobooth won't comfortably fit!

How long does it take for our pictures to be posted to your Photobooth website?
Most photobooth galleries are posted 3-5 business days following an event. There is no charge for our website service and each print we hand out is accompanied with a leaflet containing a weblink and a password to have access to our online galleries.

Can you provide a copy of the images taken at our event on computer disk?
High resolution JPEG files of all of the individual image files taken in the Photobooth are provided on a CD/DVD if they are included in the price that you pay as one of the options that we offer. They can be also be ordered afterwards should you decide that you would like them at a later date.

Do you require a damage deposit? Currently no.

Do you have any suggestions on choosing an area for the Photobooth?
We recommend that you try and position the photobooth as close to the action as possible but if we know in advance we can provide extra signs to guide your guests to the booth if it is a little further away. On some occasions the Photobooth has been located in a room on its own. It's not a problem at all. News that the Photobooth is operating travels around a party very fast!

Do you offer your photobooths in different colors or themes other than the one showing on your website?
Yes. If you are planning for a certain color scheme. We can change the backdrop for the images to suit your occasion with ease. We can also swap the whole colour scheme of the Photobooth but we have found that by simply changing the colour of the entrance curtain it can look very different. Please give us a call for more details.

Can props be supplied by Rentabooth to add to the fun?
A 'prop box' of accessories, such as hats, glasses, feather boas etc can be taken along to your event. We have access to a huge box of props which we can bring with us if we have some notice. Great for a themed event! Let us know when you reserve your date if you would like us to bring them to your event.

Will one of your booths allow a wheelchair user to have fun with it too?
Yes. Many older style booths cannot accommodate something as wide as a wheelchair or even fit into many venues as they are rigid structures and extremely heavy. We need to remove the bench seat in the booth to accommodate the wheelchair itself and others joining the person in the wheelchair for photographs gather around.

We would like photos from inside the Photobooth shown outside to the rest of our guests on a large screen. Is that possible?
Yes. We have access to large plasma screens that can show your Photobooth images. Rather than lose the privacy that many people want to really let their hair down in the Photobooth, we don't use a Live Feed from the screen in the Photobooth. If you decide to book a plasma screen as one of our options it will show images that have already been taken in your Photobooth a minute or two after your guests have used it. Please ask us for a quote. It is great fun!

How much is the retainer required to reserve my date?
We require 50% of your quote to reserve your date. Payment can be made by credit and debit card. Due to the rules governing credit cards if your event is more than six months away your retainer needs to be paid by a debit card.

When is the final payment due?
We require final payment a few days prior to the event by credit/debit card or cash can be paid when we arrive on the day. We do prefer things to be sorted out prior to the day.

Do you charge extra for setting the Photobooth up and taking it down?
No. The time starts from when the photobooth is available for use or from the time that you specify. If a booth has to be set up by 4pm because of your event's specific circumstances, but not running until 6pm, we do charge a modest hourly rate for idle time.

Your photobooth looks so much better than others I have seen?
Our photobooths have been custom designed and built exclusively for weddings and special occasions in nice venues. We use professional equipment and very high quality cameras for stunning image quality. One last thing to bear in mind. We have been professional wedding photographers for many, many years and the quality of our Photobooth images and prints reflect that.

Take a look at the Pixels website from the links page to get even more of a flavour of the quality that we produce. We are currently offering an exceptional deal on the Photobooth if you book our wedding photography too.